Saturday, 17 May 2008

Nepalese Maoist leader Parchanda sends best wishes to PRC government and people

CPN-M expresses sorrow over Chinese quake victims

Special report: Strong Earthquake Jolts SW China

KATHMANDU, May 14 (Xinhua) -- The Communist Party of Nepal
(Maoist) (CPN-M) Wednesday expressed deep sadness over the
loss of lives and properties in the high-magnitude
earthquake that struck Sichuan Province and the surrounding
areas of China two days ago.

In a press statement released Wednesday, CPN-M Chairman
Prachanda said the party would like to extend deep sympathy
to the Chinese government and the thousands of people
affected by the destruction caused due to such a gigantic
natural disaster.

"We would like to wish an immediate success to the Chinese
people and the government in the rescue effort being
carried out in the quake affected area," the statement


Extract from other report:

Pracahanda, chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal, said
in a press statement, "Our party expresses deep sorrow over
the terrible human and material loss caused by the strong
earthquake that hit the Sichuan Province in southwest

"We would like to express our deep sympathy for the Chinese
people and the government of China at this difficult time.
Furthermore, we also express our best wishes to the Chinese
people and the government of China in the rescue and relief
operations," he said.

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