Monday, 12 May 2008


China commemorates debate
on criterion for truth

BEIJING, May 11, Xinhua

The debate on the criterion of truth paved the way for
China's reform and opening-up drive, Chinese scholars said
in commemoration of the 1978 debate.

The debate, made possible by the support of Deng Xiaoping
and other senior leaders, laid foundations for the Third
Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee which
marks the beginning of China's 30-year reform and
opening-up drive.

The debate concluded that "social practice is the sole
criterion for judging truth", whereas previously some
people held the view that whatever the leaders said was
always true, said Li Jingtian, vice president of the Party
School of the CPC Central Committee, during a symposium
marking the 30th anniversary of the debate.

"The 1978 debate shifted the focus of the country to the
modernization," Li said.

"The reform and opening-up drive saw the country's economy
grow9.88 percent annually during the past 30 years. There
is no way China can come this far in its social and
economical development without the mind innovation 30 years
ago." Yu Yunyao, former vice president of the Party School
said on the symposium.

Huang Weiting, former editor-general of the Beijing-based
Red Flag Press, also said the debate encouraged democracy
as it concludes that everyone is equal in the face of
truth, which stipulated innovation among the Chinese

"China has accumulated a great amount of experience in its
own development over the last 30 years of reform and
opening up," said Li Changchun, member of the Standing
Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central

"The country should learn from its previous experiences,
and stick to the reform and opening up policy in the future
to further improve its governing capacity and promote
economic development," Li said.

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