Thursday, 11 September 2008


Foreign Policy with a Multipolar Vision

The Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Vice-minister for Africa
Reinaldo Bolívar mentioned the multipolar vision of the
Bolivarian Government’s foreign policy and stressed that
“Venezuelan will be always willing to provide the greatest
possible humanitarian help to Africa in the event that this
continent be victim of natural disasters or wars.”

Bolívar informed that Venezuela has recently talked to the
authorities of the People’s Republic of China in order to
develop triangular relations in favor of Africa’s political
and economic development.

“The result has been positive; we have even received
specific gestures through the Chinese Embassy to Ethiopia,
which has cooperated with the school equipment of the
schools sponsored by Venezuela,” Bolívar explained.

The Venezuelan official highlighted that the importance of
an alliance with China is due to the huge presence of this
Asian nation in the African continent.

“China buys 40% of its oil form Africa, and in the recent
years it has considerably invested in infrastructures,
construction of bridges, hospitals and roads,” assured

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