Sunday, 24 August 2008




Chinese President Hu Jintao met Nepalese Prime
Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal "Prachanda" in
Beijing on Sunday to exchange views on bilateral
relations and the Beijing Olympic Games scheduled
to close on Sunday night.

Hu welcomed the newly-elected prime minister to
the Beijing Olympics' closing ceremony and
expressed thanks for the support of the Nepalese
government and people for the Beijing Games.

Prachanda said the Beijing Games have turned over
a new leaf in Olympic history and the Nepalese
people feel proud for the Chinese.

China and Nepal are "good neighbors, good friends
and good partners", said Hu. "The two countries
have established a good neighborly partnership
and enjoyed friendship generation upon
generation," he added.

The Chinese government respects the social system
and path of development chosen independently by
the Nepalese and supports Nepal's efforts in
safeguarding sovereignty and territorial
integrity, Hu said.

He added that the Chinese government is ready to
continue to provide every possible help in
Nepal's economic and social development and
promote the long-term and stable development of
the Sino-Nepalese good neighborly partnership.

The two countries should maintain close
communication and cooperation, in a bid to
contribute to regional peace, stability and
prosperity, the Chinese president said.

Prachanda said his country takes China as a
reliable friend and expects more help from the
Chinese side in order to achieve permanent peace
and promote economic development in Nepal.

He said Nepal is willing to cement cooperation
with China and elevate bilateral ties to a new

During the meeting, the Chinese president thanked
Nepal for adhering to the one-China policy and
firmly supporting China on the Tibet issue.
Prachanda said Nepal will firmly keep to the
one-China policy and will never allow any
activity detrimental to China's interests in its

Prachanda was sworn in as Nepal's new prime
minister on Aug. 18.

"Mr. Prime Minister has come to the Beijing
Olympics' closing ceremony within a week after
being sworn in," said Hu. "This fully
demonstrates the great attention Nepal attaches
to relations with China and its profound
friendship with the Chinese people. We highly
appreciate that."


Parchanda and Premier Wen meet
'Brothers gonna work it out'


Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met in Beijing on
Sunday with new Nepali Prime Minister Pushpa
Kamal Dahal, known as Prachanda, discussing
bilateral relations and the Beijing Olympic

Congratulating Prachanda on his swearing in as
prime minister, Wen said China respected the
social system and way of development Nepal had
chosen according to its situation.

He believed it would realize political stability
and economic development through joint efforts of
all political parties and under the leadership of
Prachanda, who was here to attend the Games
closing ceremony on Sunday evening.

China and Nepal were good neighbors and China was
satisfied with the current development of
bilateral relations, Wen said. He noted China
would work with Nepal to further the reciprocal
cooperation in various fields and benefit the two

Prachanda said the friendship between China and
Nepal had endured the test of time. Historic
changes were taking place in Nepal's domestic
situation. The Nepali government and people were
striving for national stability and economic
development, and hoped to get support and
cooperation from China. Nepal would, as always,
supports China's efforts to maintain national
sovereignty and territorial integrity, Prachanda

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